Bayview Drive & Big Bay Point Road Transportation Improvements EA

EA Study

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Status: Study was initiated in 2015; the Notice of Study Commencement was published in August of 2015. The Draft Final report was completed and a letter/information package to keep interested parties informed was mailed out on November 10, 2016. Council endorsed the preferred design alternative recommended by staff in December 2016 (see Staff Report ENG012​-16)​ and directed Staff through to publish a Notice of Completion for this project (issued January 26, 2017).

Consultant: C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd

Study Level: Municipal Class EA Schedule C.

Purpose: To consider design alternatives and establish the preferred recommended design alternative for transportation improvements on Bayview Drive (Little Avenue to Big Bay Point Road) and Big Bay Point Road (Bayview Drive to Huronia Road).

Scope: City of Barrie looked at a number of design alternatives associated with implementing transportation improvements Bayview Drive and Big Bay Point. The impact of active transportation improvements on physical, natural, social, cultural and economic environments was also looked at during the study.

Key Considerations: Impacts on property, driveway and trees within the study area.

Public Information Centre: A Public Information Centre (PIC) was held on Wednesday March 2, 2016, Southshore Community Centre, 4–7pm. The public was invited to attend the PIC to review and provide comments on the proposed design alternative solutions. Comments and responses received from the PIC will be considered in the development of the preferred design alternative solution.