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The City has initiated a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) to identify multi-modal transportation and streetscape improvements on the Bradford Street corridor.

Status: Notice of Study Commencement was issued in June 2021. The project team is reviewing and refining the design concept in light of feedback received during the third and final Public Information Centre (details below). An Environmental Study Report will be made available for review by Indigenous Communities, agencies and the public in early 2023.

Consultant: The City has retained CIMA+ to complete the Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Study.

Study Level: Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

Public Input


Bradford Street is the primary arterial road corridor within the Urban Growth Centre. As the surrounding lands are being redeveloped and population densities increase, the City needs to ensure adequate space (road right-of-way) is being protected to meet the future multi-modal transportation needs of the community. As a key link between downtown and the Allandale Mobility Hub, the future Bradford Street corridor is intended to provide more inviting and safe sustainable transportation options.

This project is based on the recommendations contained within the City’s Transportation Master Plan that recommend widening the road from 4 lanes to 5 lanes with active transportation infrastructure. Key considerations of this study include:

  • Overall corridor operations for the 2031, 2041 and 2051 planning horizons for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, transit and automobiles) including development of a potential phased approach to implement improvements in consideration of corridor constraints.
  • Assess opportunities to improve traffic operations and pedestrian safety at the intersections of Tiffin Street & Lakeshore Drive and Tiffin Street & Bradford Street.
  • Identify long range corridor protection requirements to accommodate growth for the 2051 horizon.
  • Examine options to improve the existing streetscape, provide streetscape guidance for developers and identify solutions for the ultimate streetscape.
  • This work will include the development of specific streetscape requirements for redevelopment that is occurring on the corridor.

As of June 2021, this study is focused on long-range corridor planning and no immediate capital works are planned in the City’s capital budget; however, this study may generate recommendations for short term or accelerated capital improvements as well as the potential need for follow-on detailed studies.

Study Area

For the purposes of the Class EA study, the Project Team is considering existing conditions, traffic operations, problems and opportunities for the following sections:

  • Bradford Street from Dunlop Street to Tiffin Street
  • High Street from Dunlop Street to Bradford Street
  • Simcoe Street from Toronto Street to Bradford Street
  • Tiffin Street from Bradford Street to Lakeshore Drive
Bradford Street Corridor Study Area

In doing so, all of the non-traditional intersections and their operations will be examined, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to considering possible improvements to the area as a whole.

Supporting Studies

The project includes the following supporting studies:

  • Traffic Operations Assessment Report
  • Natural Heritage Study
  • Stage 1 Archeology Assessment
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment
  • Stormwater Management Assessment

Depending on the recommendations of this project and proposed project implementation timing, additional technical studies may be required.

Key Project Activities

Project ProcurementCompleted
Notice of Study CommencementCompleted
Background StudiesCompleted
Develop Alternative SolutionCompleted
Public Input – Public Information Centre
(Project Introduction)
(January 27, 2022)
Assess Planning AlternativesCompleted
Identify Preferred Planning SolutionCompleted

Public Input – Public Information Centre

(Presentation of Preferred Planning Solution for Corridor and Intersections)

(June 22, 2022)
Develop Design Solution based on Preferred Planning SolutionCompleted
(Summer 2022)
Public Input – Public Information Centre
(Presentation of Design Solution)
December 13, 2022
Finalize Preferred SolutionFall 2022
Finalize Environmental Study ReportWinter 2023
Staff Report to Council seeking ApprovalWinter 2023
Notice of Study CompletionLate Winter / Early Spring 2023

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