Bunkers Creek Culvert Replacements & Watercourse Improvement

Stormwater & Creeks
In Progress
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The City is undertaking the replacement and capacity increase of the Bunkers Creek culverts at Bradford Street, watercourse improvements from Bradford Street to Lakeshore Drive, and structural lining of culverts at Innisfil Street.

Project Updates

July 2022: 90% Detailed Design package under development. The project work has been split into two phases. Phase 1 (2022) will include channel improvements from Lakeshore to Bradford Street and the slip lining of culverts at Innisfil Street. Phase 2 (2023) will include the road closure and culvert replacement of Bradford Street and the remaining channel improvements.

Project Features

The objective of this project is to:

  • Repair the existing culvert at Innisfil Street with a structural liner. This option will extend the life of the existing infrastructure.
  • Replace the existing culverts at Bradford Street that are in poor condition with larger culverts that can manage more water. This will help reduce flood waters over topping at Bradford Street and reduce flood impacts in that area.
  • Restore a portion of Bunkers Creek from Bradford Street to Lakeshore Drive. This will provide better opportunities for habitat in Bunkers Creek, provide an engineered floodplain and a natural channel design.


Public Information CentreTBD
Design 2020–2022
Property Acquisition2022
Utility Relocation2022
Construction 2022–2023

Traffic Impacts

The project will be staged to minimize the disruption to residents however, road a road closure that prohibits through traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) will be required during construction. Construction will be completed based on the in water works timing windows for any fish species that may be located within the Creek. Design considerations will be made to attempt to minimize the length of construction duration.

Properties impacted can by construction, will have temporary accesses constructed to allow for driveway access.