Hewitt Secondary Plan Area Transportation Improvements EA

EA Study

This Municipal Class EA addressed transportation improvements for the Hewitt Secondary Plan Area to determine the most appropriate design for future reconstruction projects, as recommended in the City’s Multi-Modal Active Transportation Master Plan.

Status: Study was initiated in 2015. The Notice of Completion was posted in October 2017 for the 30-day public review period commencing October 12, 2017. 

Consultant: Hatch Ltd

Study Level: Municipal Class EA Schedule C. (Phases 3 & 4)

Purpose: To consider design alternatives and establish the preferred recommended design alternative for transportation improvements in the Hewitt Secondary Plan Area.

Scope: The City will look at a number of design alternatives associated with implementing transportation improvements.  The impact of transportation improvements on physical, natural, social, cultural and economic environments will also be looked at during the study.

Key Considerations: Impacts on property, driveway and trees within the study area.

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