Whiskey Creek Drainage Improvements at Minet’s Point EA

EA Study

The City initiated a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) Study to address the frequency of Whiskey Creek flooding from The Boulevard to Kempenfelt Bay. 

This reach of Whiskey Creek, including both public and private property within the Whiskey Creek floodplain, experiences regular flooding. This EA assessed solutions to mitigate flooding between The Boulevard and Kempenfelt Bay.

Status: The Notice of Study Commencement was issued in September 2020. A virtual Public Information Centre took place in February 2021. The final report was approved by Council May 31, 2021 by Motion 21-G-127.  The Notice of Completion was issued in June 2021. By this notice, the Whiskey Creek Drainage Improvements at Minet's Point EA Report was made available for public review. Those with questions or concerns related to the Preferred Alternative or identified projects recommended in the ESR were asked to submit concerns before July 26, 2021.

Consultant: The City retained Tatham Engineering Limited to complete a detailed evaluation of the existing condition and undertake an investigation of alternatives.

Study Level: Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA).

Purpose: Alternative drainage solutions were developed and evaluated based on their natural, physical, social, cultural, and economic impacts and the opportunities and constraints of the project. Alternative solutions could have included changes to the existing road, creek culverts, and other infrastructure in the area to mitigate flooding downstream of The Boulevard to Kempenfelt Bay.

Scope: The study area encompassed the Whiskey Creek floodplain from the outlet at Kempenfelt Bay to just upstream of The Boulevard. The key considerations of the assessment include impacts to property, existing infrastructure, emergency access, transportation routes, and natural heritage.​

Preferred Alternative: The preferred alternative has been selected as Alternative 3: 50-Year Return Event. Preferred Alternative Conceptual Drawing

Final Report

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