Automated Licence Plate Recognition Pilot Project

In Progress

The 2020 Parking Strategy identified technology as the solution for creating a user-friendly and modern parking experience. A pilot project is underway to explore automated licence plate recognition (ALPR) technology.

The City is working with a team of leading technology vendors to explore ALPR as a tool to collect parking utilization data and enforce parking regulations. The ALPR pilot project will allow staff to confirm that the technology can be used to increase efficiency and convenience for parkers within Barrie. Project overview:

  • The ALPR system is installed on a marked City of Barrie vehicle. The ALPR system includes external vehicle-mounted cameras, in-vehicle tablet, in-vehicle processing unit and management platform. There is only one ALPR-equipped vehicle in the municipal law enforcement fleet at this time.

  • Testing will be focused on municipally owned and operated paid parking areas, such as the downtown core, as well as on-street parking within walking distance of the downtown core, Gallie Court and Quarry Ridge Road.

  • Testing will be focused on collecting utilization data and promoting compliance with parking regulations.

  • Live testing began on March 26, 2021. Staff will report back to City Council with findings from the pilot project.

About ALPR Technology

ALPR technology uses cameras to take pictures of parked vehicles and licence plates. The ALPR system can compare images of the parked vehicles over time to determine length of stay and identify potential violations of the maximum time limit. The system can also quickly search through a list of licence plate numbers belonging to vehicles with valid proof of payment and identify vehicles that have not paid for further inspection.

Privacy Principles

The City is committed to protecting privacy, and has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and developed procedures that incorporate best practices from the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC). The procedures will be validated during the course of the pilot project and adjusted as necessary to ensure the City continues to uphold privacy standards.

Principles are adapted from Stanford’s Licence Plate Recognition Data Management Principles (June 2018)

Frequently Asked Questions