Corporate Sponsorship Program

Barrie has a diverse range of facility and program sponsorship opportunities that can help your company.

The City touches the lives of many people every day through its facilities, programs, events and services. This visibility provides marketing benefits that will increase your brand exposure and better connect you with your customers.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Discover a variety of sponsorship opportunities with the City of Barrie. Opportunities include partnering with us for naming rights to facilities, programs and other unique city assets such as the Dog Off-Leash Recreation Area and Skate Park. We will ensure that every opportunity is linked to your marketing objectives, allowing you to gain visibility in the community.

Sponsorship Benefits

The City of Barrie is flexible in developing creative packages to meet the marketing needs of our partners. Potential marketing benefits could include:

  • Onsite signage and displays
  • Opportunities for product displays, samples or demonstrations
  • Advertising and articles in City publications and online communications 
  • Customized activation to help you leverage your investment
  • Annual credit to create your own event at a facility for the community or your company
  • News release/media event to announce the partnership

Discover what Sponsorship can do for your Business

  • Increase visibility for your company and brand 
  • Expose your brand to a cross-section or targeted demographic, geographic and lifestyle segments.
  • Position your company as a forward- thinking, community leader.
  • Generate sales leads and use sponsorship to connect your brand to a target market in a meaningful way. 
  • Generate impactful content for a social media marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions