Program Sponsorships

The City offers program sponsorships such as public swims (three facilities) and public skates (four facilities).

Indoor Public Swims (Year-Round)

Program sponsorships of indoor public swims provide year-round exposure at three busy recreation facilities in Barrie—Allandale Recreation Centre, East Bayfield Community Centre, and Peggy Hill Team Community Centre—with upwards of 40 public swims combined per week. Public swims see 75,000 persons swimming a year and these three facilities have a total of 2.3 million users per year (2019). Public swims run throughout the day, week and weekend covering a broad demographic range. These three pools see approximately 500,000 visitors each year combined.

East Bayfield Community Centre pool

Indoor Public Skates (September to May)

Program sponsorships of indoor public skates provide provide seasonal, nine-month exposure at four busy facilities with seven indoor rinks. These rinks have 13 public skates combined per week. Public skates see approx. 75,000 persons skating each season at these four facilities, which have a total of 1.9 million users September to May (2019). All but two public skates fall after school or on weekends, when families and teens have leisure time, covering a broad demographic range. 

Public Skates Indoor
Indoor public skate