The First Floor Gallery

The First Floor Gallery, created to profile the incredible artwork of local artists, opened in January 2015. 

This exhibition space is located at City Hall, between the Service Barrie and Court and Legislative Services counters, and is curated by Cultural Development staff with the assistance of local visual artists. The space is open to the public from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Guiding Principles

Current Exhibit, November & December 2022

A love of printmaking... a selection of work from members of Barrie’s PRNT Collective 

In 2017 a group of professional artist/printmakers joined forces to form PRNT, (Print/Research/Network/Teach). The group’s aim is to foster the printmaking arts across Simcoe County. Along with establishing a shared studio space, the collective offers workshops and outreach programming such as exhibitions and hands-on events. 

An original print is not a reproduction, but rather, it is a labour-intensive process that often results in multiples. The image is first developed on a matrix, known as the “plate” and once the plate is refined by the artists, it is inked and with the aid of various presses, the image is transferred to fine papers. 

This exhibition is a selection of works using traditional print processes by the members of the collective. You will notice a wide range of aesthetic approaches as well as a diverse use of various media. 

Clinton Todd 

Printmaking has a beautiful connection and relationship with hand and machine. Finding the right pressure and physical aspect of really connecting to a piece of paper, ink, plate or stone to experiment and to create consistency relates to how we as humans communicate with one another in life. Email Clinton at

Deborah Atkinson 

Deborah Atkinson graduated form the Georgian College Fine Arts program with honours. Drawing, oil painting and printmaking are the disciplines she employs most. A long-time resident of Simcoe County, her work is influenced by the rural landscape and it's subtext. Email Deborah at

Jeanette Luchese-Jacobs 

I am inspired by the mindfulness of the process and drawn to the limitation and difficulties within printmaking that allow machine facilitated errors that although not intended become essential elements. I gravitate to the freedom of monoprints/monotypes. Email Jeanette at

Kim Brett 

Brett’s art examines our shared experiences of form and colour in relation to consumable objects that are used and disposed of. She believes the intrinsically mechanical nature of the printed artwork complements her choice of imagery. There is a superficial playfulness and often absurd nature to her work. Email Kim at

Tamara Benoit 

Printmaking is the art of drawing combined with science and technology - a blend which keeps both sides of my brain engaged. Prints are the result of delicate collaboration between the artist, the process, and the printing press which makes the resulting marks uniquely satisfying for me. Email Tamara at

Timothy Laurin 

I was drawn to printmaking as a medium because of its long tradition of craftsmanship and its ability to demonstrate materiality. Regardless of which print discipline I choose to engage in, I believe in letting the inherent and visible process drive my image making. I strive to reach a delicate balance between mark-making, colour and visual content. Email Timothy at

For more information about PRNT, visit  

Print titled Beard Serigraph by Tim Laurin
Image credit: Tim Laurin, Beard Serigraph, 2021