The First Floor Gallery

The First Floor Gallery, created to profile the incredible artwork of local artists, opened in January 2015. This exhibition space is located at City Hall, between the Service Barrie and Legislative Services counters, and is curated by Cultural Development staff with the assistance of local visual artists. The space is open to the public from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Are you an artist interested in exhibiting your work? Please refer to The First Floor Gallery guiding principles and application process.

Current Exhibit, September & October 2023

The Steel Spirit

About the Exhibition

Soldiers, firefighters, police, and paramedics are the first ones to arrive on scene among strangers to help in the most critical incidences of our lives. Art has been one of the most compelling outlets for individuals in the services. 

In the exhibit, each artist’s contribution is displayed, accompanied by a biography which highlights their experiences in the services as well as the art itself. There are many layers to these individuals. It’s those layers that build each individual story and those stories which inspire others. 

About The Steel Spirit 

The Steel Spirit is a volunteer-run organization that has continued to grow and expand since 2017 across Canada with now over 70 artists involved, and pop-up galleries in Ontario, Nova Scotia and an upcoming gallery in Alberta this fall. By sharing more uniformed member’s stories and talents, these exhibits endeavor to show the individuals behind the uniforms and honor the steel spirit of each artist. 

    • Brian Lintner –  
    • Ken Muir – Instagram: @kenny.muir  
    • Trisha MacLeod  
    • Nicole Reid
    • J Minigan
    • Lee-Ann LeMesurier
    • Michaela Reichl
    The Steel Spirit Art Gallery, Barrie City Hall First Floor Gallery, Sept & Oct 2023,