2024 Spring into Clean

Friday, April 19–Monday, April 22, 2024 | All day

The City of Barrie

Thank You to Event Participants

More than 17,000 members of the Barrie community participated in 2024 Spring into Clean, including a range of citizens from students to seniors. Approximately 5 tonnes of litter was collected from around 140 locations throughout the city, including parks, trails, roadways and public spaces. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Get involved and keep Barrie beautiful. This annual event occurs during Earth Week and is designed to clean up our community, while raising levels of environmental awareness and social responsibility through active participation in Spring into Clean. 

Thank you to the Spring into Clean 2024 sponsors: Busch Systems and Dominos Pizza Barrie!

April 19–22: Corporate Cleanup Days

Businesses can participate by registering to clean up a local public space such as a ravine, trail or park near their business. 

April 19 & 22: School Participation Days

Elementary and high school students are encouraged to take an active role in this school community clean-up project by cleaning up their property and local parklands. After registering, schools will receive enough garbage bags and gloves for students to help clean up their schoolyard and surrounding public areas. 

April 20 & 21: Community Cleanup Days

Residents are invited to clean up a local public space such as a neighbourhood park, ravine or trail. Community groups, teams, neighbourhood associations, individuals and families are encouraged to participate! By registering, you will receive special collection bags and the garbage picked up will be collected at pre-determined designated drop-off areas.

Put Litter in its Place

Every action counts! Here are some suggestions about maintaining clean and healthy public spaces, outside of the annual Spring into Clean event:

  • Rethink creating litter! Remember your reusable water bottles, coffee cups, picnic supplies, cutlery and shopping bags.
  • Bring your waste home with you for disposal in the City's curbside collection programs. 
  • Encourage people to use the City’s Waste Lookup Tool to ensure they know how to dispose of items responsibly. 
  • Stack recycling boxes to prevent items from blowing around your neighbourhood. Newspapers, cans and other light-weight materials can be easily picked up by the wind and scattered. 
  • Keep a litter bag in your car. Trash can easily be taken by the wind and blow out of window or when a car door is opened.
  • Butt Out! While we continue the battle on plastics, cigarette butts are the single most littered item in the world, surpassing plastics with 2 billion pounds of butts tossed aside annually. Use an ashtray so cigarette butts don't reach waterways or the lake.

For general park cleanup inquiries, please email Mona Boyd at mona.boyd@barrie.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions