Pesticide Use for Mosquito Control

Between June 17 and October 31, 2024, the City of Barrie is conducting a larviciding program under the authority of the Local Medical Officer of Health to control larval mosquitoes to prevent their development into vectors of West Nile Virus. The pellet formulation of Altosid Methoprene Pellets Mosquito Growth Regulator PCP#21809, Altosid granules PCP# 22676, or the pouch formulation of Vectolex WSP Biological Larvicide PCP#28009 will be placed into municipal owned catch basins of storm drains within the boundaries of the city of Barrie. View the permit

All larvicide will be applied by applicators, licensed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, or their supervised technicians. Municipal-owned catch basins on private property (rear lot catch basins) will be treated upon request of the homeowner with Altosid XR Briquette PCP#27694. A consent form must be signed by the homeowner prior to treatment.

For additional details on the locations and dates of treatment, please call 705-726-4242.

Learn more about West Nile Virus Prevention

Prior to the commencement of the larviciding program, the City cleans out all catch basins, which ensures that they are free of sediment and water and that the larvicide will remain in place for the appropriate time period and will not be flushed out. Additionally, the contractor does not apply the larvicide during rain events and uses a calibrated dispensing tool to ensure there are no excess amounts of larvicide. These methods prevent the larvicide from being flushed out of the intended catch basins and into the waterway.

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