Climate Change

Climate change continues to bring challenges that municipalities need to face head-on and manage proactively. The City is undertaking several initiatives to take leadership on climate action and meet broad sustainability goals. Initiatives apply to City operations and to supporting the needs of residents and businesses as we all work to transition to a low carbon, net-zero realized community by 2050.

Did you know?

The City's Conservation & Demand Management Plan is updated every five years, and the City reports annually on its energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Events in Barrie

Climate within Barrie is changing. Increases in mean annual temperatures, changes in the timing and average annual precipitation and increases in the intensity, duration and frequency of extreme storm events are taking place. These changes may pose challenges to the City and its residents that we have to work cooperatively to prepare for. Examples of local events related to climate change:

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time with little or no warning. Your best protection in any emergency is to be prepared for the unexpected and know what to do.

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Climate Change Adaptation

Climate adaptation refers to the actions taken to reduce the impact or increase the resilience of the environment, infrastructure, economic and social systems, human health, et cetera, to the changes in the climate and extreme weather events. City initiatives include: 

Climate Change Mitigation

Climate mitigation refers to reducing or avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to limit the severity of climate change. City initiatives include: 

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