Energy Efficiency

The City works to better align planning functions with energy impacts in order to help build a more energy-efficient community, and encourages residents to work​ towards conserving their personal energy use.​

​​​Community Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

On March 28, 2022, Barrie City Council approved the Community Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan. The plan includes actions and strategies for improving energy efficiency and reducing community wide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.​ 

Energy Management

In 2018, the City spent $9 million on utilities. To manage these costs, the energy management branch is mandated to reduce energy and water consumption for all City operations, including facilities, parks, water and wastewater infrastructure.

Actions are driven by a Council-adopted Energy Management Plan, which p​rovides a framework to conserve energy and water.

Hydro rates have risen steadily over the years, which has a major financial impact on the City’s budget. Barrie is mitigating these increases by reducing energy and water consumption through conservation initiatives. Since the inception of the energy management branch, the City has realized a cost avoidance of $6.64 million.

LED Streetlight Conversion Project

In 2015 the City converted over 10,000 streetlights to LEDs (light emitting diodes), the energy conservation initiative cost $4.8 million to complete and the City received an incentive for $969,000 from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). In 2016 there was a 45% (3,000,000+ kWh) reduction in electricity consumption resulting in $575,000 of avoided energy cost; this savings has continued annually.

FAQs: LED Streetlight Conversion Project

Energy Conservation Achievements

The City of Barrie has received awards over the years recognization energy conservation initiatives.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Energy consumption from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal) is directly related to the creation of greenhouse gases. By reducing your energy consumption, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on your energy bill. Consumption consists of 2 components: 1. the amount of energy the device uses when turned on; 2. the amount of time the device is on. 

Did you know? Appliances use approximately 15% of the energy consumed in our homes.​

Household Energy Conservation Tips