Municipal Heritage Register

A Municipal Heritage Register​ is a publicly accessible list of properties that includes Designated Buildings and Buildings of Heritage Interest. It can be used to determine areas of heritage interest within a municipality. 

The Municipal Heritage Register is an official list of cultural heritage properties for the municipality. The Municipal Heritage Register identifies properties that are (or may be) important to the community for architectural, historical or contextual reasons. The Municipal Heritage Register is divided into two main types of properties, they are:

Designated Cultural heritage properties are those which have been evaluated for and found to have cultural heritage value or interest, as defined in the Regulations to the Ontario Heritage Act. These designated properties are recognized through a municipal By-Law that is passed by City Council and registered on title. 
ListedCultural heritage properties are those which have potential cultural heritage value or interest but have yet to be formally evaluated as per the process prescribed in the Ontario Heritage Act. Listed properties are labelled as such as they are ‘listed’ in the City’s Municipal Heritage Register. The Register identifies all municipally-recognized cultural heritage resources. 

The register is regularly reviewed and updated and serves the following purposes:

  • Recognize properties of cultural heritage value in a community.
  • Foster civic identity and pride by drawing attention to the heritage and development of a community.
  • Promote knowledge and enhances an understanding of a community’s cultural heritage.
  • Provide easily accessible information about cultural heritage value for land-use planners, property owners, developers, the tourism industry, educators and the general public.
  • Be used as a central element of a municipal cultural plan that begins with mapping local cultural resources and then leverages these resources for economic development and community building.

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How to Apply

Property owners are encouraged to add eligible properties to the register:

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