Municipal Naming

Occasionally, City Council dedicates City assets in honour of individuals and community organizations who have made significant contributions to public life and the well-being of the people of Barrie. This page includes all dedications made since 2015.

Municipal Naming Policy

The Municipal Naming Policy is intended to provide a fair, consistent and efficient process with respect to naming, renaming or dedicating municipal assets such as streets, parks and facilities, while respecting the important need for public consultation and legislative approvals. It outlines the processes to request a naming, how public consultation will take place, the limitations of naming and how the decisions will be made.

To  request a Municipal Asset be named in honour of an individual or community group, please complete Appendix “A” in the Municipal Naming Policy and ensure the affidavit is commissioned before submitting, or take your application to Legislative & Court Services (1st Floor, City Hall, 70 Collier Street, Barrie ON) to be commissioned.

Municipal Naming Registry

Parks, Facilities & Other Assets

The following community members have had City assets dedicated in their honour since 2015. These dedications are in recognition of their significant contributions to our city. Information about how each has impacted Barrie is listed on the appropriate park webpage.

This is not a complete listing of City assets names in memory or honour, but those that have been approved through the Municipal Naming Policy since 2015.
Name Asset
H. John MurphyH. John Murphy Water Reservoir & Pumping Station, Sunnidale Park
Osmond ‘Ossie’ Rowe Osmond ‘Ossie’ Rowe pedestrian bridge, Will Dwyer Park
Peggy Staite-WongPeggy Staite-Wong Pavillion, Sunnidale Park
Sam CancillaSam Cancilla Park
William Jonathan 'Billy' Wilkins Wilkins Park
William 'Will' DwyerWill Dwyer Park
Wyman JacquesWyman Jacques Arboretum, Sunnidale Park

Street Names

A poppy can be found on the signs of streets that have been named in honour of local war veterans (for a complete listing, please visit Honouring the Military). The following community members have had streets named in their honour:

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