Community Orchards & Food Forest

Community orchards and food forests are shared community resources providing fresh foods such as fruits, nuts, and seeds that are grown in publicly accessible parkland and open spaces.

If you represent a Barrie school and want to arrange a tour of an orchard or food forest, please complete an Environmental Education Request Form.

Community Orchards

Community orchards are typically fruit trees that are grown in rows or a grouping. They consist of fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, and other hardy fruits. They also could be thickets of shrubs or hedgerows of various varieties. The orchards are free for the public to visit. Community orchards are located in:

Food Forest 

A food forest is a diverse area of plants, mostly edible, that are planted together and work as an ecosystem to promote biodiversity and provide diverse fresh food, while supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly local food system. The City's food forest is free for the public to visit and is located at Batteaux Park.


Fruits, nuts, seeds and other edibles are available for you to pick.

  • Take only what you will use
  • Be mindful of your harvest's impact
  • Only pick ripe and ready food
  • Leave no trace

Benefits of Community Orchards & Food Forests 

  • Local food production and food security 
  • Environmental sustainability and climate resilience 
  • Community building and social connectedness 
  • Contributes to health and well-being 
  • Habitat creation and support 
  • Creates opportunities for education and participation