Batteaux Park

Size (Acres)
Amenities: Community Garden, Community Orchard, Playground, Soccer Field

Batteaux Park Food Forest

Batteaux Park features a food forest, which is a diverse area of plants, mostly edible, that are planted together and work as an ecosystem to promote biodiversity and provide diverse fresh food, while supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly local food system. 

Parks Planning staff applied for, and were awarded in the fall of 2023, a $3,500 grant from Tree Canada as part of a broader climate change adaption and food literacy initiative within City parks. The purpose of Tree Canada’s Edible Trees Program is to reconnect people with local food sources and to build community. The program guidelines require that grant recipients include fruit tree planting, community education, and local partnerships in their projects.

Staff selected Batteaux Park for a food forest as it is home to an active community garden and it is central to several schools within walking distance of the park that staff have engaged with to offer students nature-based learning opportunities.