2022 Municipal Election

Barrie's 2022 Municipal Election was held on October 24, 2022. Voting closed at 8pm. See Notice of Election (PDF)

See Election Results

Post-Election Accessibility Report

The post-election accessibility report (PDF) provides an overview of the accessibility actions undertaken for the 2022 Municipal Election and identified in the Municipal Election Accessibility Plan.

New Voting Method

The voting for Barrie's 2022 Municipal Election was conducted by an internet and telephone voting system to provide emergency preparedness, efficiency, accessibility, accuracy, automatic tabulation, and convenience. The internet and telephone voting method was previously used by Ward 3 residents for the Ward 3 By-election in 2020, and had provided a successful by-election and voter turnout. 

Guidelines for Candidates

Ontario's Municipal Elections Act establishes election campaign finance rules for candidates running in a municipal election. The City has a by-law regulating election signs, a policy regarding the use of corporate resources for election purposes, and established procedures specific to Barrie's 2022 Municipal Election. See Information for Candidates.

Third Party Advertising

If a person, corporation or trade union intended to spend money between May 2, 2022, and election day on advertisements or other materials that support, promote or oppose a candidate in the municipal election, or a question on the ballot, they were required to register as a third party advertiser.

Key Dates

May 2 – Aug. 19, 2022Nomination Period for Candidates
Aug. 19, 2022Nomination Day
Last day to file a nomination as a candidate, change office, or withdraw a nomination. Nomination forms may be filed between 9am and 2pm.
Aug. 22, 2022Final day for the City Clerk to Certify Candidate Nominations
May 2 – Oct. 21, 2022Registration Period for Third Parties
Oct. 14, 2022​Voting Period commences at 10am
Oct. 20, 21 and 22, 2022Advance Voting Period available at Voting Assistance Centres
Oct. 24, 2022Final Voting Day
Closes at 8pm
Nov. 15, 2022New Term of Office Commences
​Nov. 16, 2022​Inaugural Meeting of the Barrie City Council 2022-2026