2022 Election Candidate Financial Statements

2022 Municipal Election - Financial Disclosures

  1. Pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, (the Act), official copies of Financial Statements are filed with the City Clerk. These are also available for review at Barrie City Hall – Legislative and Court Services Department, 70 Collier Street, First Floor. 

  1. The filed financial statements (the Statements) available on this website were prepared and submitted by candidates electronically or in person. 

  1. Members of the public may view scanned copies of the Statements in PDF format below. Should you require accessibility accommodations or assistance to review the election financial statements, please contact Service Barrie for assistance at ServiceBarrie@barrie.ca or 705-726-4242.

  1. City staff have not verified or amended the information contained in the Statements.

  1. In the case of those who do not file by the legislated dates, a notice of default will appear next to the Candidate's name.  The Act provides the ability to submit a Statement after the legislative deadline. Where this applies, the Clerk is to only accept these documents for the purpose of posting them on the website, and late filing of the Statement does not remove the "In Default" status. 

Please visit the Compliance Audit Committee webpage for more information about candidate finances.

Ward 5 Candidate
Ward 7 Candidate
Member, Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir 
Member, Conseil scolaire Viamonde (formerly Conseil scolaire de district du Centre Sud-Ouest)