Official Plan

Adopted or Last Updated

The Official Plan is a general policy document that establishes a long range planning blueprint for land uses and resource management within the municipality. ​

Land uses are identified by designations, under which specific policy direction is given to deal with such matters as type of use, density, massing, community design, and development criteria. In addition, policies related to park systems, transportation, servicing and implementation are outlined within the Official Plan. New developments that do not conform to the plan must seek approval of an Official Plan Amendment.

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved the City of Barrie's Official Plan 2051, with 73 modifications, on April 11, 2023. For more information on the approval, visit the Environmental Registry of Ontario.

The 73 modifications to the Official Plan policies and maps were made to address provincial policy direction related to land use compatibility, source water protection, and government priorities related to housing and streamlining development process, among other matters, including site specific changes.

As the Ministry’s decision repeals and replaces the Official Plan that was adopted in 2010, all new development applications that are not yet deemed complete are subject to the Official Plan 2051.