Official Plan & Amendments

Adopted or Last Updated

New Official Plan approved by City Council

After four years of extensive public engagement and consultation, the City of Barrie’s new Official Plan was adopted at the February 14, 2022 City Council meeting. The new Official Plan requires approval from the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The final version of the draft new Official Plan and the accompanying maps are available at​​.

Next steps

City staff are continuing to develop the draft new Comprehensive Zoning By-law and the City-Wide Urban Design Guidelines, which are both intended to align closely with the new Official Plan. There will be public consultation on both topics.

The Official Plan is a general policy document that establishes a long range planning blueprint for land uses and resource management within the municipality. ​

Land uses are identified by designations, under which specific policy direction is given to deal with such matters as type of use, density, massing, community design, and development criteria. In addition, policies related to park systems, transportation, servicing and implementation are outlined within the Official Plan. New developments that do not conform to the plan must seek approval of an Official Plan Amendment.

Current Official Plan Text & Schedules 

The City’s current Official Plan was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) on April 23, 2010.

The City of Barrie adopted its existing Official Plan on June 22, 2009 in conformity with the Provincial Growth Plan: Places to Grow. When this Plan was forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for final approval, the Ministry requested some significant modifications as part of their review. The significant modifications relate to:

a) Population distribution and densities

b) Settlement Area Boundary Expansion

c) Intensification Policies

d) The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

e) Cultural Heritage resources

f) Renewable Energy and Alternate energy systems 

g) Waste Disposal Assessment areas

Official Plan June 2009 - Draft Modification January 25, 2010 (PDF)

Official Plan Amendments

An Official Plan Amendment (OPA) is a formal document that changes a municipality's official plan. Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the community or because of requests made by property owners.