Stormwater Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plan
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The Stormwater Asset Management Plan (PDF) outlines the current state of Barrie's stormwater infrastructure, and highlights the costs associated with the City's responsibility to mitigate flooding and protect bodies of water from any harmful stormwater runoff. 

An addendum​​ to the Stormwater AMP was published in May 2022 to capture Level of Service requirements omitted from the original document.

On February 14, 2022, City Council approved change to stormwater funding to help improve the City's resiliency against climate change impacts, mitigate flooding, protect Lake Simcoe and ground water sources.

Learn about the Stormwater Climate Action Fund

Following the release of the 2021 Stormwater AMP, the City continues to review options for a more sustainable, reliable and equitable source of stormwater funding. By July 1, 2025, the City is required by the Province to outline the costs, risks and benefits of providing different levels of stormwater management service.

Stormwater Assets

The City's stormwater assets allow us to better manage extreme storms and rainfall, as well as the runoff from hard surfaces (e.g. roofs and driveways) created by our urban environment. As of 2020, the City owns $1.25 billion in stormwater assets, including approximately:

  • 880 culverts
  • 400 km of storm sewers
  • 150 km of ditches
  • 100 km of watercourses
  • 95 stormwater ponds
  • 71 manufactured treatment devices
    prefabricated structures that use technology to help remove pollutants from stormwater runoff

The State of our Stormwater Assets

As of 2019, 79% of stormwater assets are in either fair or good condition. This means the City has some time to plan before many of our stormwater assets need major maintenance or replacement, and before we see greater impacts from climate change. Some areas of concern:

  1. The remaining life of our stormwater ponds is estimated at less than 25%. The City will need to continue to do significant work to ensure our stormwater ponds can keep functioning properly.
  2. The City owns a significant amount of stormwater assets that do not meet current standards. For instance:
  • Only 41% of Barrie's stormwater ponds are capable of improving water quality. There is an increased risk that stormwater from the remaining 59% of the ponds could carry higher levels of pollutants into creeks, streams and lakes.
  • Only 62% of our culverts meet the City's current design requirements; this poses a capacity risk that may become greater with climate change.

The Cost of Stormwater Management

The average annual expenditure of the City's stormwater management program to maintain the current level of service has been $10.5M historically. The 2021 Stormwater Asset Management Plan has shown that the actual needed funding is $45.1M per year. So, there is a gap between the amount available for spending and the amount needed to properly maintain the assets and meet the future needs.

Stormwater Average Historical Expenditure ($M/Year)
Operating Costs$4.10
Capital Renewal$6.40
Capital Growth$3.30
Total Operating & Capital Budget$13.80
Funded through Development Charges$(3.30)
Balance Remaining$10.50

Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund

The City created a Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund (DIRF) in 2015 to help bridge the gap between the municipal money available and the money needed to keep all of the City's infrastructure in good repair. However, additional funding resources are needed to properly close the gap. The proposed Stormwater Climate Action Fund would serve as a dedicated fund.

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