Transportation Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plan

The City is currently updating and enhancing its Asset Management Plans to ensure alignment with 2025 regulatory requirements and continued compliance.

This Transportation Asset Management Plan outlines the state of Barrie's transportation infrastructure and highlights costs associated with ensuring people can get around Barrie safely and effectively by driving, cycling or walking.

The City is focused on developing the best and most cost-effective approaches for maintaining its transportation network as Barrie grows responsibly, and as the City continues to support and improve the movement of both people and goods.

While the City has made progress on maintaining transportation assets through increases to the Pavement Management Program, there has been a historical underinvestment in the City's transportation assets.

Transportation Assets

The City's transportation assets include a network of roads, sidewalks, paths, bridges, parking lots and traffic control systems, which make it easy and safe to navigate and get around Barrie.

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