2023 Business Plan & Budget

The annual Business Plan & Budget outlines how the City plans to allocate resources to deliver the programs and services residents and businesses rely on every day. Barrie taxes are comparable to other municipalities. The City is required by provincial law to balance its operating and capital budgets each year. Simply put, the money raised must balance the money spent. Learn about balancing the budget.

Following a number of amendments to the proposed 2023 Business Plan and Budget, Council approved the City’s portion of the 2023 Budget on February 15, 2023. City Council froze spending on City Hall's Operating Budget this year, while also increasing the contribution to the Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Fund to 2% for the next three years (1% will be funded through the City’s reinvestment reserve). The service partner portion of the Budget was approved on March 8, 2023, with a 1.89% increase.

2023 Budget Highlights

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2023 Budget Key Dates

All meetings stream on the City's YouTube channel.
December 2, 2022Public consultation opened through the Budget Allocator Tool
January 6, 2023Public consultation closed
February 1, 2023Service partner presentations (see below)
February 8 & 9, 2023Business Plan & Budget deliberations at General Committee
February 15, 2023City portion of the Business Plan & Budget approved by City Council
March 8, 2023Service partner portion of the Budget approved by City Council

Presentations & Reports

Before budget approval, various presentations are given and a report is discussed regarding the proposed budget. Watch the meetings and access related materials: