Previous Budgets

Each year, staff work to balance the cost of providing City services with existing resources. This page contains information dating back five years. For information on City budgets and business plans approved prior to four years ago, please email


Following a number of amendments to the proposed 2023 Business Plan and Budget, Council approved the City’s portion of the 2023 Budget on February 15, 2023. City Council froze spending on City Hall's Operating Budget in 2023, while also increasing the contribution to the Infrastructure Investment Fund to 2% for the next three years (1% will be funded through the City’s reinvestment reserve). The service partner portion of the Budget was approved on March 8, 2023, with a 1.89% increase.


On December 6, 2021, Council approved a 2022 tax increase of 2.94%, which was below the rate of inflation. The operating budget of $392 million will deliver City services, and a capital budget of $346 million will be used to continue replacing and building more of Barrie’s roads, pipes and buildings. Learn more about the 2022 budget.


2021 was more challenging than usual given the significant financial impacts the City faced through COVID-19. After many amendments to the City's proposed 2021 budget, Council approved a 0.92% tax increase for 2021, the lowest tax increase in 20 years. 

For the average Barrie home (including town homes, apartments & detached homes) assessed at $367,550, this increase translated to an additional $40.71 annually. Assessed value is provided by MPAC and is different than the market value of homes.


After amendments to the proposed budget, Council approved a 2020 operating budget of $362 million to deliver city services, and a capital budget of $231 million to fix more of Barrie’s roads, pipes and buildings and prepare for growth. The 2020 budget included a property tax increase of 2.96%: 1.96% to deliver City services and services provided by our service partners, plus a 1% increase for the Infrastructure Investment Fund.

For the 2020 budget, the City faced additional financial pressures due to provincial downloading including funding cuts to public health, county-run social services and city policing. The impact of these cuts added $2.3 million to the City’s 2020 Business Plan & Budget or 0.95% to the overall tax increase.


    After amendments to the proposed budget (below), Council approved a 2019 operating budget of $343 million that included innovative approaches to improve services, and a capital budget of $263.6 million that focuses on fixing existing infrastructure and preparing for growth.  The 2019 budget included a property tax increase of 2.88%: 1.88% to deliver City services, plus a 1% increase for the Infrastructure Investment Fund.


    The 2018 Business Plan & Budget focused on roads and growth. After amendments to the City’s proposed capital and operating budget (below), City Council approved a 2.75% tax increase on January 29, 2018. The increase includes a 1.75% residential tax increase for City services and a 1% increase to replace and renew more of Barrie’s roads, bridges, pipes and buildings through the Infrastructure Investment Fund.