Corporate Asset Management Department

Asset Management (AM) ensures community sustainability and a high quality of life through effective and innovative management of the City’s tangible assets.

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The City's Infrastructure & Growth Management division employs a dedicated team of engineers, engineering technologists and technicians focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of all City-owned assets. The Corporate Asset Management (CAM) team provides valuable information to City Council to facilitate better, more informed decisions aligned with the City’s Financial Policy Framework.

Learn about how the City of Barrie manages its assets:

In December 2017, Ontario became the first Canadian province to pass regulation that requires municipalities to engage in asset management planning. Ontario Regulation 588/17 requires all municipalities prepare Council-endorsed Strategic Asset Management Policies by July 1, 2019, and implement Asset Management Plans using a phased approach from 2021–2024. The City of Barrie is positioned well to comply with this regulation.