City Council

Council is the policy-forming and decision-making body of the City of Barrie. City Council consists of the mayor and 10 councillors, one representing each of Barrie's wards, who are each elected for a four-year term. Formal channels to communicate with City Council include Circulation List and Deputations.

See the Five Priorities for the 2022–2026 City Council

Members of Council

Unsure of what ward you live in? View the Barrie Wards Map.

Alex Nuttall

Mayor of Barrie
Mayor's Office Contact Form

The Office of the Mayor handles special requests such as birthday and anniversary greetings, flag raisings, letters of support and congratulations, proclamations, and event attendance.

Clare Riepma

Ward 1 Councillor

Craig Nixon

Ward 2 Councillor

Ann-Marie Kungl

Ward 3 Councillor

Amy Courser

Ward 4 Councillor

Robert Thomson

Ward 5 Councillor & Deputy Mayor

Nigussie Nigussie

Ward 6 Councillor

Gary Harvey

Ward 7 Councillor

Jim Harris

Ward 8 Councillor

Sergio Morales

Ward 9 Councillor

Bryn Hamilton

Ward 10 Councillor

City of Barrie email and voicemail accounts are to be used exclusively for City of Barrie business.