Council & Committee Meetings

Scheduled City Council, standing and reference committee meetings are livestreamed on the City's YouTube channel. Council and General Committee meetings also air/stream on Rogers TV.

View Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Frequency

Meeting Attendance Reports

Attendance reports detail the annual attendance for Council and General Committee, reference committee, and advisory committee meetings.

Meeting Agendas & Records

The City of Barrie’s Electronic Agenda Management System uses the Legislative Information Portal (Legistar). The City's goal is to provide the most current information on agenda items as they move their way through the legislative process. Legistar features:

  • full text search of legislation, staff reports, by-law status, dates, actions, and attachments.
  • calendar of City Council and Council Committee meetings, with agendas and action summaries attached.
  • records from 2002 to present for each meeting of City Council and General Committee, as well as the Circulation List (memorandums and correspondence). These records include agendas, minutes and other supporting documents.
  • information related to many other City committees.

Committees that do not report through City Council (such as Barrie Police Services Board, Barrie Public Library Board, Committee of Adjustment, and Property Standards Committee) are not listed on this site. 

Closed Meetings

Generally, municipal councils, local boards and their committees hold their meetings in public. They meet behind closed doors on occasion to deal with some matters. The purpose of a closed meeting is to receive certain information or give direction.

Municipal governments in Ontario must be transparent and accountable. The provincial government has set the rules for a council, local board or a committee to go into a closed meeting. These rules are found in Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

In the City of Barrie, the meetings of the bodies to which this legislation applies includes City Council, General Committee, and Reference Committees and specific Advisory Committees.