Frequently Requested By-laws

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Licenses and regulates various businesses particularly related to the adult entertainment industry.
Bylaw Number: 2005-276
Last Updated: 2015
Regulates and governs animals, including exotic animals.
Bylaw Number: 2010-035
Last Updated: 2020
Regulates drinking water protection: backflow prevention and cross connection control.
Bylaw Number: 2017-121
Last Updated: 2017
Regulates the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act regarding the construction, demolition or change of use of buildings.
Bylaw Number: 2013-070
Last Updated: 2013
Regulates and governs businesses carried on within the municipality.
Bylaw Number: 2006-266
Last Updated: 2024
Regulates and governs transportation-related businesses carried on within the municipality.
Bylaw Number: 2006-265
Last Updated: 2023
Licenses, regulates and governs cannabis production facilities.
Bylaw Number: 2019-099
Last Updated: 2019
To require the conveyance of land for a park or other public recreational purposes or the payment of cash in lieu of conveyance as a condition of development or redevelopment.
Bylaw Number: 2022-079
Last Updated: 2022
To appoint members to various committees, boards and commissions.
Bylaw Number: 2023-032
Last Updated: 2024
To establish community benefit charges for the City of Barrie.
Bylaw Number: 2023-073
Last Updated: 2023

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