Barrie Transit Vision

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This project involves building a blueprint for growing our existing transit system to best meet the needs and goals of today’s city, while developing a long-term plan for a future network.

Building on previous work that laid the foundation for the Transportation Master Plan (specifically for Transit), Transit Vision focuses on creating:

  1. A new 2025 transit network that reflects a wholistic evaluation of the existing transit network and incorporates changes to improve mobility for Barrie residents while maintaining operational cost-neutrality from existing funding. 
  2. Future planning past 2025 that expands the planning horizon past the initial 2025 network transformation to ensure network resiliency as Barrie grows and changes. 
  3. A Bus Stop Infrastructure Plan to align new bus stops and bus stop improvements (accessibility, repair, concrete pads, bus shelters, bike racks, benches, etc) with the new network and future development.

New Transit Network

On June 21, 2023, City Council approved the implementation of a new transit network for BarrieThe new transit network will be implemented in two phases, starting in 2024. The second phase of implementation is expected to be complete in 2025.