Affordability Committee

Reference Committee

This page outlines the terms of reference for the City's Affordability Committee.

Strategic Vision

  • Encourage a range of housing options to make housing attainable
  • Open for business environment to help encourage job creation
  • Develop and attract talent to support our employers

Reference Committee Role

The role of a Reference Committee is to provide advice and guidance to City Council (through General Committee) on the direction and nature of policy development and to complete fact finding and detailed analysis of the matters before the Reference Committee. Reference Committees deal with matters within the duties of the individual Committee, matters referred to it by City Council, and/or items of an Advisory Committee that reports to it. The business dealt with by each Reference Committee must fall within the duties of the Reference Committee under the Procedural By-law

Affordability Committee Duties

To study and report to the General Committee on matters within the following subjects:

  • development matters including land and property development and use, street names, building standards, zoning, plumbing and building inspections, planning services (policy planning, development control, growth management, development policies and standards, housing policy, subdivision services, and heritage properties.
  • City Centre revitalization, Business Development – retention, attraction, business licensing
  • Planning Act. Public Meetings

The Heritage Barrie Commitee (an advisory committee) reports to the Affordability Committee.

Affordability Committee Members

  • Mayor. A. Nuttall - ex officio
  • Deputy Mayor. R. Thomson – ex officio
  • Councillor, C. Nixon, Co-Chair
  • Councillor, J. Harris, Co-Chair