Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms when you turn the clocks back

Barrie, ON - The clocks fall back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 6. Barrie Fire & Emergency Service (BFES) reminds residents to install new batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms when they change their clocks. 

“Most fatal fires occur at night when people are asleep. If a fire breaks out in your home, your ability to get out safely depends on early warning from a working alarm,” says Fire Chief Cory Mainprize. “Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms sense fire well before you can, but only if they have working batteries. Daylight savings is the perfect time to install new batteries in all alarms.”

Batteries should be replaced at least once a year. Smoke alarms also wear out, so if you think your alarms are more than 10 years old, replace them with new ones. The Ontario Fire Code requires every home to have working smoke alarms on every storey of the home, and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection, it is also recommended to install smoke alarms inside all bedrooms. 

Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed outside all sleeping areas if your home has a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace or attached garage. Check the expiry date on the alarm so that you know when to replace it. If you cannot find a date, replace the alarm.

Tampering with or removing the batteries from your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is against the law. Failure to comply with the Ontario Fire Code can result in a ticket of $360 or a fine of up to $50,000.  

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