City ensuring it’s ready for future growth with asset management plans

(Barrie, ON) – The City of Barrie's Corporate Asset Management department has reached an important milestone by completing asset management plans, as required by the Government of Ontario. The most recent, the Wastewater Asset Management Plan, was approved at last night's City Council meeting.  

Asset management is an ongoing and long-term process that allows the City to make the best possible investment decisions for its assets, which in turn improves the services offered to residents. Barrie now has current asset management plans for core infrastructure assets which include water, wastewater and stormwater assets, as well as transportation (roads, bridges, and culverts).

The plans include current levels of service and costs to maintain these service levels. Asset management planning informs decisions, identifies areas for improvement, documents risks, and outlines the requirements for long-term sustainability.

“Efficient, well maintained, and sustainable assets are critical for building a greener Barrie while mitigating and adapting to climate change, growing responsibly, and making tax dollars go further," says Kelly Oakley, Associate Director of Corporate Asset Management. “Asset management plans help the City make more informed decisions around how we manage assets to provide acceptable levels of service, at the lowest cost."

The regulation for municipalities to have these plans was made under Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure. This regulation came into effect in 2018 and prescribed timelines for Ontario municipalities to develop asset management plans.

Asset management planning relates to Council's strategic goals of Fostering a Safe and Healthy City, Building Strong Neighbourhoods, and Offering Innovative & Citizen Driven Services. To learn more about asset management,

About Asset Management

The City owns approximately $6 billion in assets. Municipally-owned assets include roads, sewers, water treatment and distribution systems, parks, fleet, and facilities. These assets allow the City to deliver services like transportation, clean drinking water, sewage and garbage collection, and recreational activities.

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