City recognizes Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day today

(Barrie, ON) – The City of Barrie is recognizing Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day today—Monday, March 18—by saying thank you to the many people who show up each day to get people to where they need to be through Barrie Transit’s regular and specialized services.

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated Transit operators and workers who play a pivotal role in seamlessly connecting our community,” shared Mayor Nuttall. “Their commitment to providing reliable and efficient transportation services not only keeps Barrie moving but also enhances the vibrant and interconnected spirit that defines our city. We are grateful to our Transit team for the invaluable role they play in enhancing the quality of life for all Barrie residents.”

Transit operators and workers play a vital role in ensuring passengers arrive safely to their destinations. Many Barrie residents rely on Barrie Transit’s regular and specialized services daily to get to work, school events, or appointments.

When using Barrie Transit today, riders are encouraged to say an extra “thank you” to their transit operator for getting them where they need to go, safely and efficiently. 

Barrie Transit service operates under a contract with MVT Canadian Bus Inc. The company employs approximately 200 staff to operate Barrie Transit's fleet of 46 conventional buses and 15 specialized buses.

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Student showing their Licence 2 Ride pass to the transit operator


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