Council adds additional area of focus for second half of term

(Barrie, ON) In December 2018, the newly elected members of Barrie City Council set priorities for their four-year term of office. At that time, Council identified five goals to guide the strategic direction for the City for the next four years. The action plans associated with the strategic priorities included key performance indicators to track and monitor success.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Council and staff have responded to ensure essential services are delivered, have continued with city improvements while keep citizens safe, and offered business recovery initiatives—all while keeping the Strategy Priorities in sight and moving action plans forward.

Council met in December 2020 to review the 2018–2022 Strategic Priorities, discuss key performance indicators, and plan for the focus of the remainder of their term. At this meeting, it was identified that an additional priority should be added: Supporting a vibrant and safe downtown.  Additionally, new goals were specified for the second half of the 2018-2022 Council term. The new goals include: providing serviced employment lands and other supports to help businesses grow; focus on supporting the growth of locally owned small businesses and promote gender and racial equity.  

“Council worked together to decide on additional key priorities for the next two years," says Mayor Jeff Lehman. “With a focus on COVID recovery, downtown revitalization, and gender and racial equity, Council has identified several areas of focus that will address pressing issues in the second half of our term."

The following six priorities and associated goals will be the focus during the second half of the 2018–2022 Council term:

Growing our economy

-           Make it easier to do business and help businesses grow

-           Provide serviced employment lands for end users

-           Support the creation of more stable and diverse jobs

-           Support small businesses

-           Support tourism industry growth

Fostering a safe & healthy city

-           Collaborate to address social issues, especially homelessness and the opioid crisis

-           Get more affordable housing built

-           Promote recreation opportunities for all ages & abilities

-           Build a greener Barrie while mitigating and adapting to climate change

-           Promote gender and racial equity

Building strong neighborhoods

-           Create great public spaces

-           Build walkable, diverse neighbourhoods that encourage community connections

-           Grow responsibly

Supporting a vibrant & safe downtown

-           Engage the BIA and partners to ensure a vibrant, safe, and welcoming downtown

-           Revitalize the west end

-           Improve and expand public spaces for residents in the City Centre

Offering innovative & citizen driven services

-           Use technology to deliver services more effectively

-           Achieve customer service excellence

-           Inspire community participation

-           Make tax dollars go further

Improving the ability to get around

-           Increase transportation options, including active transportation modes

-           Make connections

-           Create safer streets

More information on the Strategic Priorities can be found


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