Council’s Community Improvement Projects wrap up with completion of public art, naturalization, public safety projects and more

(Barrie, ON) – As part of the 2020 Business Plan & Budget, City Council approved a small fund of $75,000 per year for ward-specific projects that would make important improvements to public spaces in our neighbourhoods, from parks to streets to community facilities. Councillors selected their projects, often in consultation with local community groups or organizations. The projects completed during the 2018-2022 term of Council were:  

Project TypeNameFunded by Ward Councillor(s)Public Art (vetted through thePublic Art Committee)the east end (puzzled), composite digital image at Eastview Arena by Andrew MaizeWard 1Downtown Anti-harassment CampaignWard 2About Time, laser cut mild steel at East Bayfield Park by Derek & Tracey MartinWards 3 & 9Native Species Illustrations at the Wyman Jacques Arboretum Hope Garden by Mar LewisWard 4Lampman Lane Park Mural by Andrew Hunter Elementary School studentsWard 5NaturalizationTree plantings at Osprey Ridge Road and Crompton DriveWard 3Tree planting at Victoria Woods ParkWard 4Tree, shrub and plant plantings and outdoor classroom at Assikinack ParkWard 8Tree planting at Shalom Park and Madelaine ParkWard 9Traffic Calming & Community SafetyStanley street islandWard 3Radar speed boardsWards 4, 7 & 8Pringle Park lightingWard 5Street Island planters at Ferndale Drive SouthWard 6Temporary speed cushions and pavement markingsWard 9Additional ProjectsPoetry & art book with proceeds to the Women & Children's ShelterWards 1, 3 & 9Painting of three Electrical/Traffic BoxesWard 5BIA mural on the Town & Country buildingWard 94 Simcoe Street / Pink BMO Building artWard 9


“Barrie is a city of neighbourhoods, and this fund has allowed 18 separate small but impactful projects to be completed across the City, in 9 out of the 10 wards. I was pleased to see Councillors work with each other on some projects and collaborate with neighbourhood groups and community organizations on others. Making our City a better place is not just about the big things, sometimes it's about the little things too," said Mayor Jeff Lehman.

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