Heart Barrie landmark sign installed in Heritage Park

(Barrie, ON) – The installation of the Heart Barrie Landmark sign was completed today in Heritage Park. The sign, which is a heart next to the City of Barrie logo is meant to promote civic pride and encourage residents and tourists to capture and share photos.

The heart in the sign is 10 feet tall and the letters are 8 feet tall, as approved by Council. The sign also includes LED lights that can be changed to recognize special occasions.

“I hope all Barrie residents/visitors enjoy and have fun taking pictures, creating lifelong memories with friends and family at the love Barrie Landmark sign," said Councillor Mike McCann. “What was most amazing to me, was the interest and support from all the sponsors. This project would not be happening if it were not for Council's support, and the love and vision from the sponsors. I love Barrie, and the people of Barrie are what helps to make it great. I can't wait to take a photo with you at Barrie's newest and most exciting landmark sign!"

The Heart Barrie landmark sign was approved by Council on June 14, 2021. As part of the approved motion, Councillor Mike McCann was required to fundraise the full cost of the sign. The sign was fully paid for by sponsors. The donors that contributed to this project are listed on the City's website.

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