New type of pedestrian crossing will create safer roads and encourage active transportation

Barrie, ON – The City of Barrie is installing a new type of traffic control measure on Mapleview Drive East. Starting tomorrow, a pedestrian crossover will be operational on Mapleview near St. Paul's Crescent, the first of its kind in the municipality.

 Pedestrian crossovers are a type of traffic control that provide a way for pedestrians to cross the road easily and safely. They're different from crosswalks because they're often at a stretch of road where there is no intersection.

At a crossover, vehicles must yield to pedestrians when crossing, and wait until the pedestrian has fully crossed the street. Crossovers are different from a crosswalk, where drivers don't need to wait until the pedestrian fully reaches the other side. At a crossover, it's the law to wait until pedestrians have completely crossed to the other side before proceeding. Penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians by failing to yield at crossovers include fines of up to $1,000 and loss of four demerit points. These fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones.

The City's Development Services staff have been planning for the installation of two pedestrian crossovers this year—the first on Mapleview Drive near the Bistro 6 development and the second at Bell Farm Road/Alliance Blvd. as part of theBell Farm Road construction this fall.  Once these first two crossovers are installed, there may be others installed in additional city locations in the future, based on the success of this pilot project.

Pedestrian crossovers will help create safer neighbourhoods and improve active transportation options. They also support Barrie Council's strategic goals of fostering a safe and healthy city, building strong neighbourhoods, and improving the ability to get around. for more information about traffic control measures.


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