Next Stop: Independence and Inclusion for More Barrie Transit Riders

(Barrie, ON) Barrie Transit now offers MagnusCards, a free app featuring digital guides to support travelers with cognitive special needs for easier, stress-free mobility throughout the city. These cards break down Barrie Transit processes into simple, manageable steps to allow for predictability in an unfamiliar environment, promote independence, build confidence, and enhance safety and sense of inclusion.

MagnusCards will help make the transit experience more accessible to many different people in our community including individuals with special needs and their caregivers, newcomers to Barrie, seniors, and children. These digital card decks can be used as a tool for travel training for any individual that would benefit from simple text, audio, and picture illustrations.

Using MagnusCards is easy:Download the free MagnusCards app from theApp Store orGoogle Play.Select 'Travel' and find Barrie Transit in the list of service partners.Download the card deck for the task you are interested in.Read and follow the instructions.

The five card decks feature pictures from Barrie Transit paired with simple text and audio that clearly outline necessary steps for tasks, including: buying passes, planning a trip, how to ride the bus, staying safe and getting help, and understanding the transit map.

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