Outdoor Solid Fuel Burning Appliances By-law

Bylaw No.
Regulate outdoor solid fuel burning appliances.

Outdoor burning must be done in an approved Outdoor Solid Fuel Burning Appliance (OSFBA) and requires a burn permit. Requirements of the OSFBA By-law:

  • An approved OSFBA is designed to use solid fuel, is made of noncombustible materials, is enclosed on all sides, has a spark arresting device for all vents and chimneys.
  • Fire must be kept to a minimum: 4m from any dwelling or structure, 2m from any combustible materials, 5m from the forest or woodland, 3m from overhanging vegetation.
  • Burning is only allowed from 8am to midnight.
  • Burn dry, clean wood only. Burning of yard waste is NOT allowed.
  • Do not burn when wind speed is greater than 20 km/h, rain or fog is present or when a burn ban is in place.


The Outdoor Solid Fuel Burning Appliance by-law is enforced with zero tolerance, meaning all fires in outdoor solid fuel burning appliances will be ordered extinguished upon complaint (even with a permit). Those without a permit will be fined for burning without a permit. A second complaint for the same address within a 24-hour period, regardless of whether there is a permit, may result in a fine of $305. Processing of the permit can generally take 3–5 business days. During that time, the emailed proof of payment can be used to substitute the permit.