Overnight Parking By-law

Bylaw No.
Prohibits on-street overnight parking from December 1 through March 31.

This page contains highlights from Barrie's Overnight Parking By-law (PDF) and other regulations related to overnight parking in Barrie.

Parking on lawns is not permitted year-round. Parking is only permitted on your driveway as per the Zoning By-Law (sections 4.8.1 and Please leave your landscaped space healthy and growing. 

Overnight On-Street Parking Restric​​tio​ns

As per the Overnight Parking By-law, on-street parking is not permitted 3–6am within the Downtown Business Improvement Area, and on other City streets 12:01–7am, December 1 through March 31. These restrictions ensure crews can completely clear streets of snow and large emergency v​ehicles can get down City streets. Outside of this time period, overnight on-street parking is not permitted if a "Winter Maintenance Event" is declared.

Possible Exceptions: Christmas & New Year's

On-street parking is permitted on the following dates and times unless a "Winter Maintenance Event" is declared by 4pm on the day prior (December 24, 25, or 31):

  • 12:01am to 7am on December 25
  • 12:01am to 7am on December 26
  • 12:01am to 7am on January 1

Winter Maintenance Events

Winter Maintenance Events may be declared outside of the December 1 through March 31 time period, or on December 24, 25, and 31. They are declared when anticipated weather requires snow plowing, sanding, salting, direct liquid application, snow removal or other winter maintenance operations.

When a Winter Maintenance Event is declared, it is communicated via an alert at the top of this website, FacebookXmobile app notification, e-bulletin, and news media.

Other Overnight Parking Restrictions

As per the Traffic By-law, parking is not permitted in any hybrid parking lots (Spirit Catcher, Lakeshore Drive, and North Marina lots) or waterfront parking areas (lots and on-street) from 12:01am to 5am, December 1 through March 31. There are no possible exceptions to this regulation.

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