Parks Use By-law

Bylaw No.
Regulates and governs the use of and activities permitted within City parks, environmentally protected land, and open space.

Please help maintain the beauty and safety of City-owned parks by following regulations outlined in the Parks Use By-law.

The following are highlights from the by-law based on popular topics. Please refer to full Parks Use By-law for a full list of regulations pertaining to City-owned parks.

  1. Dogs must be kept on leashes in all parks, and dogs are not allowed on beach areas at waterfront parks. Note the Animal Control By-law requires owners to clean up after their dogs within full City limits.
  2. Golfing is not permitted in City parks.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in parks.
  4. Motorized vehicles (snowmobiles, motor bikes, automobiles etc.) are not permitted in parks. Irresponsible vehicle users can do tremendous damage to our lovely parks and natural areas.
  5. Propane appliances are not permitted in any parks.
  6. Charcoal cooking appliances are permitted at inland (not waterfront) parks but are not to be left unattended and the user must have a source of extinguishing available and method to remove coals from the park.
  7. Campfires are not permitted at any parks.
  8. Setting off or discharging fireworks is not permtted within parks, unless authorized.
  9. Barbeques and other cooking appliances are not permitted, whether lighted or not, within waterfront parks unless specfically authorized by the City. Community-use barbeques (located in Tyndale Park and Centennial Park) are open 7 days a week for public use.  No person shall dispose of or deposit community use barbeque coals in any waste container or any other location other than those designated for their safe disposal. Please comply with rules listed on Community BBQ Rules signage.
  10. Unless specifically authorized by the City, tents or sunshades are not permitted within a waterfront park unless such tent or sunshade is solely supported by no more than one pole and having no more than one wall or side (exception: Little Lake Park).
  11. Camping in a City park or on City land is not permitted. No person shall enter, use or remain within a public park for the purpose of overnight sleeping between the hours of 11pm of one day and 5am of the following day. The City takes a compassionate approach to enforcing this.