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There are many ways to contact your City! This page includes contact information for our customer service centre, links to corporate social media channels, ways to submit a complaint, and more.

Service Barrie FAQs, August 2021

Please see Tornado Recovery Updates & Resources for up-to-date information about the situation and related resources.

The top five questions we're receiving, or anticipate receiving, through our customer contact centre regarding City services:

My street didn't have a speed cushion installed this year. How can I get one?

Location for temporary speed cushions are selected by ward councillors.

In spring 2021, Barrie City Council approved a motion to create an online survey to poll residents on road safety and speed changes in the city. The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback from residents as to whether they are in favour of a city-wide reduction or solely a reduction in residential areas, along with further questions that may help identify specific streets of concern with respect to road safety and speeding.

If you know of specific roads or intersections that would benefit from increased traffic calming or speed reductions, please identify them on the map and complete the survey at​. Deadline for feedback is August 31, 2021.

Feedback received from the survey and the map will be incorporated into a staff report to City Council in fall 2021 that will consider future traffic calming initiatives, potential areas for speed reductions and other road safety programs or initiatives. As well, Development Services staff are planning for a review of the current Traffic Calming Policy and reviewing industry best practices for 2022.

Can I barbeque in a City park?

Charcoal cooking appliances are permitted at inland (not waterfront) parks but are not to be left unattended and the user must have a source of extinguishing available and method to remove coals from the park. 

Barbeques and other cooking appliances are not permitted, whether lighted or not, within waterfront parks unless specfically authorized by the City. The use of designated community-use barbeques erected or installed by the City (in Tyndale Park and Centennial Park) is permitted.

Please see Parks Regulations & Maintenance for more information.

What is being done in preparation for 2022 LDD moth infestation?

2021 was a significant year for LDD moth infestation in Ontario and staff applied an integrated management approach on City property in specific areas, which will continue into 2022.

To protect trees on your property, egg scraping should be done, and egg masses destroyed, between August 2021 and April 2022. Please refer to steps to protect trees on your property.

As per direction from City Council, staff in the Operations Department are investigating the feasibility of aerial spraying or the use of pheromone traps for the prevention of gypsy moths, including regional border greenspaces. Staff will report back to Council as part of the 2022 Business Plan and Budget Process.

How can I get a marriage licence?

For information about marriage licence pplications, requirements, and  fees​, and more please refer to Marriage Licences & Certificates.

When will transit service be fully restored to normal frequency?

Prior to the pandemic, all bus routes ran on 30-minute frequencies at peak times of the day. Service reductions are currently in place on Routes 2, 3, 4, and 7.

The pandemic has significantly impacted both the City’s public transit services ridership and revenue. The City continues to closely monitor the performance of its transit services and work to increase service levels back to pre-pandemic levels as ridership and corresponding revenues recover. Any updates will be posted to Please stay tuned. 

Customer Service Contact Centre
We’re here to help.

Service Barrie provides the public with a central place to obtain information or direction for City-related concerns, and ask questions or provide comments about City services and programs. Please also take advantage of Online Services to easily apply for small building permits, pay for parking or speeding tickets, and more.​


Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm (excluding holidays).
If this is an after-hours emergency (e.g. watermain leak, environmental spill, etc.) please call 705-726-4242 and follow the prompts.​

Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm
​In Person:

Service Barrie is open for in-person services Monday to Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. No appointments needed except for obtaining marriage licences and commissioning of business licences. Please review Safety Precautions at City Hall.

Please note: payments for invoices, bills, and property taxes are accepted through the drop boxes located at the front and back of City Hall and many services are available at

FAX: 705-739-4237
Mail: City Hall, 70 Collier Street
P.O. Box 400, Barrie, ON, L4M 4T5
For enforcement matters such as parking, animal control, property standards, etc., please contact Enforcement Services​ directly at 705 739-4241, seven days per week.

Service Barrie can help you:

Pay property taxes, water bills, parking tickets, business licence applications/renewals
Purchase transit passes, parking passes, garbage tags, community garden plots, subdivision papers/map, commemorative trees and benches, zoning compliance letters, marriage licences, commissioning services, pet licences
Pick up recycling boxes and green bins, Community Information & Waste Reduction calendar, pre-ordered engineering drawings, City of Barrie pins
BookArt displays for City Hall, commissioning appointments, marriage licence appointments
Requestsewer and sanitary device drawings, construction projects and capital plan information, information about City services, building inspections
Submit Barrie Transit comments, applications for specialized transit use and general inquiries, residential building applications, second-suite permit applications, building and zoning complaints, request for permitted use forms, reports of graffiti, Operations service requests (e.g. potholes, dead tree replacement, street lights out), bids & tenders, or a claim.

Safety Precautions at City Hall

  • Do not visit City Hall if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Everyone entering City Hall is required to wear a face covering.
  • Members of the public should access City Hall via the Worsley St. entrance off the parking lot.
  • Capacity limits will be monitored, and you may be asked to wait outside.
  • Signage and floor decals will indicate proper physical distancing.
  • Please use debit or credit cards to pay instead of cash or cheques, as much as possible.

Social Media

The City's Facebook, Twit​ter, and Instagram accounts are actively monitored during office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30–4:30. Related page: Social Media Policy

Make a Suggestion

The Make a Suggestion forum provides residents with an organized way of expressing, categorizing, and collaborating on suggestions for their City; it also provides City staff with the means to identify and measure ideas that are supported by the community. Make a suggestion and/or vote on others at

Communicate With Council

The City values citizen and stakeholder views and encourages all citizens to share these with Council and Committees in a respectful and open manner. Opinions and concerns can be communicated through informal and formal channels.

Submit a Complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to a City of Barrie program, service, facility, or staff member, where a citizen believes that the City has not provided a service experience to the customer’s satisfaction at the point of service delivery and a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected. If you have experienced this, submit a complaint.

Department Contact Form

Use the form below to submit your question or comment to a specific department. For comments of more than 255 characters please email; your message will be directed to the appropriate department.

Contact Us

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