Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required when a structure is being completely removed from a property. ​If any part of the structure will remain, an alteration permit is required. ​​

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Permit Submission Requirements​​

To ensure a complete ​application, the following items are required:

Professional Engineers

As per Division C, Part 1,, a professional engineer is required if any of the following apply to your project:

  • More than 3 storeys in building height
  • More than 600m2 (6,458 ft2) in building area
  • Contains pre-tensioned or post-tensioned members
  • Will undermine an adjacent structure when being demolished

Additional requirements when a professional engineer is required:

  • ​Commitment of General Review Report from an Engineer
  • Detailed letter ​describing method of demolition ​

Other Considerations for a Demolition Permit

Additional Requirements

Depending on the project, the following​ may be required:

Programs of Interest

Tax Adjustment

If your property experiences a change during the year (e.g. demolition), you may qualify for the tax adjustment program. Visit the tax adjustment application page for eligibility criteria and application details. 

Tactical Support Training Program

The Barrie Police Tactical Support Unit uses structures to be demolished for training purposes. If your demolition permit has been issued and you are interested in offering your project site for tactical training, please contact the Barrie Police Tactical Support Unit Training Site Coordinator as per the letter included with your permit package.

​How to Apply​

​​​Apply online through APLI:​

  1. Select 'Building Permits' as your permit type
  2. Define your project by selecting 'Demolition' under 'Primary Application Purpose'


Please refer to the Fees By-law, Schedule K.


Visit Building Inspections​ for building permit inspection requirements.​​

Communicate with Neighbours

Residential infill projects are construction projects that take place within established neighbourhoods. They may include home demolitions, reconstruction or significant renovations/additions to existing homes. Please refer to Residential Infill Construction: The Good Neighbour Guide for best practices for communicating with your neighbours effectively.