Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required when a structure is being completely removed from a property. ​If any part of the structure will remain, an alteration permit is required. ​​

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Permit Submission Requirements​​

To ensure a complete ​application, the following items are required:

Professional Engineers

As per Division C, Part 1,, a professional engineer is required if any of the following apply to your project:

  • More than 3 storeys in building height
  • More than 600m2 (6,458 ft2) in building area
  • Contains pre-tensioned or post-tensioned members
  • Will undermine an adjacent structure when being demolished

Additional requirements when a professional engineer is required:

  • ​Commitment of General Review Report from an Engineer
  • Detailed letter ​describing method of demolition ​

Other Considerations for a Demolition Permit

Depending on the project, the following​ may be required:

​How to Apply​

​​​Apply online through APLI:​

  1. Select 'Building Permits' as your permit type
  2. Define your project by selecting 'Demolition' under 'Primary Application Purpose'


Refer to the current Fees By-law (PDF)


Visit Building Inspections​ for building permit inspection requirements.​​

Communicate with Neighbours

Residential infill projects are construction projects that take place within established neighbourhoods. They may include home demolitions, reconstruction or significant renovations/additions to existing homes. Please refer to Residential Infill Construction: The Good Neighbour Guide​​ (PDF) for best practices for communicating with your neighbours effectively.