1005, 1025 Big Bay Point Road / 3320 20th Sideroad

1005, 1025 Big Bay Point Rd & 3320 20th Sideroad Keymap

1597229 Ontario Inc. (Blue Sky)

Application 1
Zoning By-law Amendment
Application 1 Received
Application 1 Status
Application 1 File #

Application 2
Plan of Subdivision
Application 2 Received
Application 2 Status
Application 2 File #

About the Proposed Development

1597229 Ontario Inc. (Blue Sky) applied to amend the Agricultural General (AG) and Environmental Protection (EP) (as per Town of Innisfil Zoning By-law 054-04) zoning of the property to Neighbourhood Residential (R5), Open Space (OS) and Environmental Protection (EP) and has applied for Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval to permit the development of 756 residential units (527 single detached residential lots, 162 semi-detached residential lots and 134 street townhouse units).

July 202​​1 Update

Archaeological assessment work is currently being undertaken by the property owner in support of the draft plan of subdivision in the area.​

The work completed earlier this year was Stage 2 archeological work and based on the results more work including a Stage 3 and Stage 4 study will be required. Once these documents have been submitted to the City of Barrie, the information will be available here. 

Review Process Key Dates

Neighbourhood Meeting
Wednesday July 26, 2017, 5:00pm
Public Meeting
Monday November 13, 2017, 7:00pm
City Hall Council Chamber, 70 Collier Street
General Committee Meeting
Monday February 5, 2018, 7:00pm
City Hall Council Chamber, 70 Collier Street

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