Asset Management Plans Update

Project Type
Infrastructure Planning
In Progress
Estimated Completion

In the commitment to provide high-quality, sustainable, and efficient services to our community, the City is updating and enhancing its Asset Management Plans (AMPs), in consultation with SLBC Inc

This update will align the City’s AMPs with the requirements for the 2025 regulatory deadline and continued compliance with Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure. Through this initiative, proposed service levels will be defined for Barrie's municipal services. 

The City’s services must balance affordability and risk, adhere to regulatory mandates, and meet the needs of the growing community. The project will update the information in the City’s current AMPs and also address new content required by O.Reg 588/17, to ensure practices are aligned with the latest regulatory standards for asset management in Ontario. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Updated inventory of the City’s assets and their value, age, and condition.
  • Development of performance metrics to measure and report on service levels.
  • Identification of proposed service levels and detailed plans to achieve them.
  • Analysis of the funding available to manage the City’s assets, and the most critical work to prioritize when funding is limited. 

The update will ensure that the City of Barrie can continue to provide high-quality services efficiently and sustainably. It will also improve resilience to emerging challenges, ensure better financial planning, and enhance transparency and accountability in how City assets are managed.

The City values community input and encourages residents to get involved! Stay tuned to this webpage and City social media channels for details on how to provide input. 

The scope of this project includes a comprehensive review and update of the City’s Asset Management Plans across the following categories:

Asset Management PlanIncluded Assets
TransportationRoads, bridges, traffic control, lighting, parking, sidewalks and walkways
Stormwater Management Storm sewers, maintenance holes, catch basins, culverts, ditches, watercourses, stormwater ponds, manufactured treatment devices
Wastewater Collection & TreatmentSanitary sewers, maintenance holes, sewage pumping stations, wastewater treatment facility, biosolids storage facility
Water Supply & DistributionWatermains, appurtenances, meters, well pumping stations, booster pumping stations, water towers, underground reservoirs, surface water treatment plant
Parks & Outdoor RecreationParks, sports fields and courts, skateboard parks, splash pads, park utilities, maintained parkland, natural areas
FacilitiesCorporate & City operations, recreation & culture, emergency services, libraries, parks buildings
FleetCars, pick-up trucks, heavy trucks, mowers, ice equipment and specialized equipment (completed in June 2024) 
TransitFleet garage, transit terminal, buses, on-street infrastructure, and supporting technology

Key Considerations 

Managing over $8 Billion in assets, the City of Barrie is tasked with a complex challenge: to provide reliable services to the community while also managing the following pressures:

  • Aging Infrastructure: looking after what we own.
  • Managing Growth: providing new and expanded infrastructure needed to support population growth and employment.
  • Financial Sustainability: maintaining critical services without imposing undue financial burden on the community.
  • Risk Management: identifying and addressing risks that could impact City services, public health and safety, or the environment.
  • Community Expectations: making sure service levels meet the needs of our community.