Dunlop Street Interchange Trunk Sanitary Relocation

Project Type
Road Construction
Project #
In Progress
Estimated Completion
July 2024

The existing sewer alignment crosses Dunlop on the west side of the bridge and then crosses Highway 400 south of the bridge. The existing alignment conflicts with MTO’s future bridge structure. MTO requires the City to move the sewer so they can construct the new Dunlop Street Bridge.

The scope of work includes relocating the trunk sanitary sewer along Cedar Pointe Drive from Dunlop to Edgehill and abandoning the existing sewer abutting the Highway 400 right of way. The sewer will cross Highway 400 south of the existing interchange and connect to the existing main at Hart Drive.

Project Updates

September 15, 2023

The microtunnel works are completed. The contractor is working on installing the sanitary sewer on Hart Drive; however, due to high ground issues, the installation is taking longer than anticipated. As a result, the closure for Cedar Pointe Drive will be extended from September 22 to October 5, 2023. Businesses are open, and access will remain at Edgehill Drive.

The work for the next three weeks will include:

  • completing the installation of the sanitary sewer on Hart Drive
  • restoration on Hart Drive
  • restoration on the Cedar Pointe Drive and Dunlop Street intersection
  • starting the sanitary sewer works on Cedar Pointe Drive

The sidewalk on Cedar Pointe Drive is closed on the east side for the dewatering activities needed for the project.

To complete the excavation, the contractor will be reducing the roadway to one lane and use portable temporary traffic signals. We appreciate your patience as we understand this will impact travel time through the construction area. 

A detour route will remain in place for Barrie Transit Route 6. Detour details are posted at

Project Features

The work includes the following:

  • Installing sanitary sewers (open excavation) along Hart Drive from Dyments Creek to Comfort Inn.
  • Installing sanitary sewers (microtunneling) from Hart Drive to Dunlop Street.
  • Installing sanitary sewers (open excavation) along Cedar Pointe Drive from Dunlop to Edgehill Drive.
  • Installing sanitary sewer (open excavation) along Edgehill Drive from Cedar Pointe Drive to east of 131 Edgehill Drive.
  • Removing and replacing watermain at Dunlop Street and Cedar Pointe Drive.
  • Removing and replacing  storm sewers at Cedar Pointe Drive and Edgehill Drive.
  • Filling existing sanitary sewer that will remain underground with grout.
  • Installing new sanitary services for 55-75 Cedar Pointe Drive and 131 Edgehill Drive.
  • Connecting to existing sanitary services along Edgehill Drive within the project limits.
  • Grinding existing asphalt and place new surface asphalt within the project limits.
  • Restoring disturbed areas to existing conditions or better.

Project Schedule

Engineering DesignOctober 2021 to March 2023
ConstructionJune 2023 to July 2024

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