Development Planning

Under the Ontario Planning Act, the City works to achieve the long-term vision for high quality, sustainable growth in Barrie, with plans, strategies and policies that shape the look and overall design of the city.

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How Planning Works

Planning is a process through which the community shapes the place where its members live. Together, we use the planning process to manage and organize our land and our community and natural resources based on shared goals and a long-term vision.

Planning responds to current and emerging community needs. It values the voices of residents, businesses, and community partners. It enables us to decide how we want to achieve our social, environmental, and economic objectives, and helps us balance the interests and rights of individual property owners with the broader public interest.

Planning engages the entire community in setting goals and investment priorities that will shape growth and guide change. It ensures different uses are assigned the right type and amount of land in the appropriate location; coordinates orderly development with the availability of infrastructure, services, and facilities; prevents conflicts between land uses; protects natural resources; and enhances the community’s cultural assets.

Get Involved

Planning is a public process. Because planning decisions shape the places where we live, work, and play, it is vitally important that community members have the opportunity to express their views and values.

The City welcomes and encourages comments from individuals and from organizations regarding planning initiatives and specific development applications. There are several ways for you can participate in the planning and development process:

Stay Informed

There are many planning initiatives taking place throughout Barrie. While public engagement opportunities aren’t always open for feedback, we encourage all individuals and organizations to stay up-to-date on what is taking place in your neighbourhood and beyond. Below are the ways you can stay informed about current planning initiatives in Barrie.