Property & Engineering Information Requests

The City can provide certain types of information you may need for your project. Learn how to obtain engineering records, planning and development letters, and building permit records below.

Engineering Records

Engineering records consist of City of Barrie infrastructure drawings, such as watermains, sanitary sewers, roads and bridges. 

Planning & Development Letters 

There are times when it is helpful to gather specific information about a property, including when buying, selling or mortgaging a particular site. Letters providing or confirming information related to planning are available to support. 

Building Permit Record Information​

Building permit records consist of drawings, lot gradings, final inspection reports, occupancy reports, and occupant load reports. The City retains building permit records as per the City’s Records Retention Program Policy.

Please note, building records are provided in person only. You will receive your requested records in hard copy format or digitally via USB. Building Services Staff cannot provide any consultation or interpretation of the documents being viewed.