Fire Inspections & Permits

The City of Barrie, specifically Barrie Fire and Emergency Service, is mandated to respond to complaint and request inspections related to fire safety concerns by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act (FPPA). Further, business owners and residents require particular permits that may require inspections.​ 

Thinking of having a backyard fire? The City offers two types of permits for outdoor burning, for recreational purposes only.

Burn Permit Information

Fire Prevention Officers enforce violations found under the Ontario Fire Code. These violations include items such as maintenance of fire safety equipment, blocked exits, breaches in or missing fire separations, missing or broken fire doors, severe electrical problems, improperly used or stored flammable liquids or gases, unsafe accumulation of combustible materials, failure to implement a fire safety plan, etc.

When a violation of the Ontario Fire Code is observed by the Fire Department, it is a chargeable offence at that time. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, business owner, building owner, etc. to ensure that a building is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code at all times.

Types of Inspections

Inspection Fees

Fire Department inspection fees are applicable to most inspections. Please refer to the Fees By-law (Schedule G) for associated fees, which are updated every May. Subsequent fees due to repeat re-inspections or failure to comply may be charged as required. Inspection fees must be paid in advance.  Please phone 705-728-3199 for payment options, Monday–Friday, 8:30–4:30 (closed on statutory holidays).​ 

Rights of Entry

The legislation from the Fire Marshal allows for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service Fire Prevention Officers to enter a premise at any reasonable time without advance warning or an appointment. Landlords are permitted to enter tenant suites/space with 24 hours’ notice to assess fire safety concerns. In emergency situations, the 24-hour notice requirement is not applicable.

Keeping Records

When tests or corrective measures required by the Fire Code are carried out such as:

✓ Annual inspections of smoke and CO alarms
✓ Emergency lighting tests
✓ Fire alarm annual inspections
✓ Sprinkler annual inspections
✓ Portable extinguisher annual inspections
✓ Commercial kitchen suppression system 6-month inspection

A copy of the records must be maintained at the building for examination by the Fire Department if requested. Records of maintenance, checks, tests and inspections like those listed above must be maintained for at least 2 years after being prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions